Surfing has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. I grew up surfing Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding secret spots. As every surfer knows, there is no better feeling than being out in the water and catching waves with friends.

our story

I started South End Surf Shop to give back to my community and fulfill my lifelong dream of owning a surf shop in Wrightsville Beach, NC. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in the surfing community and the industry through this endeavor.

South End Surf Shop is located in a historic, brick building on the South End of Wrightsville Beach. Most locals know this building as it is a landmark of the south end. Built in 1941, the first floor opened as The Glenn Restaurant while upstairs was part of the historic Glenn Hotel which was located in an adjacent building. The restaurant operated until 1954 when Hurricane Hazel hit, devastating the ground floor. The upstairs operated until 1969. The building has been vacant for 41 years prior to South End Surf Shop.

I welcome surfers and non-surfers alike to visit South End Surf Shop for a unique surf shop experience with a historic appeal. Thank you for your support of South End Surf Shop.

Jeffrey D. DeGroote


Guys: Roark, Dark Seas, Florence Marine X, Salty Crew, Rusty, Catch Surf, Element, Rhythm, Captain Fin Co., Obey, Arbor, Body Glove, IPD, South End Surf Shop Private Label

Girls: L*Space, SeaFolly, Maaji, Rusty, Rhythm, Salty Crew Womens, Element, Lucy Love, Seea, Obey, Body Glove, South End Surf Shop Private Label

Sunglasses: Electric, Dragon, Smith, Maui Jim, Costa, Sun Cloud, Von Z, Hang Ten kids sunglasses

Surfboards: Hayden Shapes, Chilli, Stewart, Walden, Bing, Rusty, Black Rose, Hobie, Solid Surfboards, Timmy Patterson, Uhuru, Xanadu, Surftech, Glass Roots, Catch Surf.

SUP's: Surftech.

Skateboards: Carver, Sector 9, Arbor, Globe, Element, Etc. (We can get you pretty much everything same day.)

Sandals & Shoes: Rainbow, Sanuk, Olukia, Cariuma

Accessories: Nixon Watches, Futures, FCS, Captain Fin Co., On A Misson, Dakine, Pro-Lite, Freestyle Watches, Merge 4 Socks, Ding All, etc.

Wetsuits:Matuse, Adelio, Body Glove, Hyperflex, Dakine

Body Boards: Catch Surf, Morey, Wave Rebel, etc